Everything we do is based on the Bible. While the Bible might not have every answer to every question anyone could ask about life, the Bible has all the answers we need to know about God and what it looks like to do life the way God wants us to live.

We believe God demonstrated his love for us in this: that Jesus Christ came and died for our sins on the cross because God Loves us. In a world of religions, this makes Christianity very unique.

Everything God does in the Bible is about people –God created people, saved people, and put his Holy Spirit in people. That is why people are incredibly important to us –because they are important to God. We exist to connect people to God and to each other through faith in Jesus Christ.

Part of being a Christian is being a servant of God. That’s why we get involved with our community through parades, farmer’s markets, National Night Out, and inviting public officials to our services. We encourage everyone to live their purpose by getting involved in serving God and others.

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