Reinventing Invention

Pastor Dan Wenig

Reinventing Invention – September 27, 2011

For all we credit ourselves to creating nowadays, it’s interesting to realize how much of it has already been done. I was just checking out Harold Camping’s latest prediction of the end of the world and found out that even that has already been done. Many times!

It seems that in a world that is ever changing, all we see around us is just a rerun. When the knowledge that someone else has faced our struggles and situations really hits us, we realize we know the One who has been through it all. In fact John 1:1-3 shows us how Jesus had his hand in creating EVERYTHING! We’re talking about the ‘original’ inventor.

So then we come to the time when life gets crazy and trust runs thin. For many of us it’s the point where we say It feels like you don’t love me, God, so I don’t feel like loving you. But let me encourage you to adopt the theme of the writer of Lamentations who was having the worst time ever (skin wasting away, broken bones, pulverized kidneys and such)- Lamentations 3:21-26

“The Lord is my portion-I’m sticking with God!”



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