Starting Block Funk

Pastor Dan Wenig

Starting Block Funk – August 11, 2011

I remember running track in 8th grade and working on getting the hang of starting blocks.  At first it was weird getting down in the crouch and trying to blast out of them, but in the end I wasn’t fast enough to run any races that required starting blocks!

In C. S. Lewis’ book That Hideous Strength he says:

“You do not fail in obedience through lack of love, but have lost love because you never attempted obedience.”

It’s a strong statement regarding the state of the church.  One popular thought today is to do what you’re passionate about.  The only thing is no one ever gets the message that there will come a point when the passion runs out… then what are you left with?

Revelations 2:4 tells us “You have forsaken your first love.”  It’s almost like we sign up, put in the practice, and set ourselves in our starting blocks.  But then we quit when we see how hard it’s going to be and never get out of the blocks!

So today let me encourage you today to step out in obedience, because when you do then you will truly discover your passion and fall in love with the Maker who created you to do just that.



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